Wooden horse torture

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Japanese torture

Hi, thank you for reading and watching my blog. Recently I have found the meaning of those devices that I saw installed on backyards of some rich people houses in villages across Moraviyska. They were angle shaped and sharp angle was always pointing upward. When visiting friends from those families, we played around and often tried to ride these things that my friends called as a ”horse”. It was too much pain for me (or anyone) to sit on it, because sharp angle hurt my crotch. I had no idea that the word “horse” was literally the name of this item and that it was actually a torture device which is called “wooden horse” or “wooden pony”…

Wooden horse torture in Moravia

Can you imagine that somebody can sit on this wooden horse? No one could do it voluntarily, but only as a punishment. Wooden horse torture (also called Japanese wooden horse or Spanish horse or just Japanese torture) was (and is) very popular in Moravia. Naked slaves in shackles are being forced to sit on this torture device for hours.
I saw leg cuffs attached to the base of these punishment devices, but didn’t pay much attention to it. Now I know that with those foot shackles the slave owner fixed the slave on the wooden pony. Often the wooden pony had neck and hand shackles as well to prevent victim from falling off the bdsm device.


14 Wooden horse torture

Painful torture

My experience of Japanese torture

Wooden horse causes severe pain. I know it for sure, since I sat on it (for few seconds, but still). I read wooden pony torture stories but didn’t see pictures, so couldn’t associate them. This is one of the most severe punishment devices that I saw in Moraviyska.


73 Wooden horse torture

Girl on a wooden horse

Honestly, when I saw those articles about Spanish wooden horse torture, I tried to remember the feeling of sitting on it. To refresh my memory, I took a large triangle shaped wooden bar, put it between two tables and sat on it. Good for me my legs were not shackled, because pain was horrible. I tried multiple times with slightly different positions – same result – severe brutal pain after 1 second of torture. Poor slaves who sat on the wooden pony for hours.


53 Wooden horse torture

Wooden pony torture

I made some search in Internet and found multiple examples of using this wooden horse torture nowadays. These are examples of pictures where shackled woman and girls are sitting on the cruel pony for hours. These are examples of wooden horse video and tubes.


24 Wooden horse torture

Wooden stocks wooden horse

It is unbelievable that this medieval torture is still actual in Eastern Europe and local people even don’t consider it as something unacceptable. We thought that this world is better since inquisition and nazi are left behind. But take this free tour to see that we are still in the medieval.

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2 Responses to “Wooden horse torture”

  1. Dinara Says:

    I was punished by a wooden horse in prison. This is a terrible punishment

  2. agni Says:

    yes, it is still being reported that wooden horses are installed in prisons in many countries around the globe