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Brutal whipping by woman

Hi, thank you for reading my blog. When I published my previous post about Eastern European ladies who punish their slaves by leather boots stiletto trampling, I got a feedback like “oh, such beautiful ladies, yes, they deserve to be worshiped”. And these feedback came from men who live in North America!!! I thought these ideas are belong to the third world countries exclusively!!! Seems like not! Unbelievable!!!

I actually agree, Boleslawa and Ivonna are well-educated sophisticated leather fashion girls. Even girls with whips, frankly. But same day I have found pictures of Grazhina, the farmer from the Fzheshzh village, which located on the west side of Damarits mountain and I decided to write another post to tell you about the majority of slave owners in those countries.

The majority who is low-educated, cruel and sadistic with zero responsibility for what they do. Someone have to tell you the truth, because this is real today in 21st century.

Leather Mistress spanking her slave

Leather gloves protect her hands when spanking


How have I met this whipping woman

I met Grazhina once, a while ago, when one of my friends was visiting that village to watch a public woman impalement execution and I went with her. By that time Grazhinka was about 20 years old girl already with a whip, wearing leather gloves, leather vest, leather mini skirt and riding boots.

Most of my friends on the West might ask “What is whip? Define whipping, please?”, but Eastern folks grow up with it.

Grazhinishka is a good equestrian, she likes hunting, and people often see this girl with her riding and hunting crops. But she has only 2-years education which allows her to read and write a little. She is not rich; her farm is small and has only 3 male slaves working on it.

brutal whipping as punishment

Mistress and her 3 slaves

But she is extremely cruel and she punishes her slaveboys brutally. Does she deserve to be worshiped too?

Where to find pictures of whipping woman?

These pictures I have found on the facebook’ish social network called “kolegazklasy”, she even didn’t hide her sadistic nature, since it is normal in her country for male and female slaves to being whipped. I’m wondering if someday she will provide a whipping video (like Fetisch Porno) as well or will write a riding crop beating stories or something.

All her three male slaves are being punished by heavy flogging. This woman do this whipping twice daily: when she wakes up and before she goes to bed. Slave-boys are awake at 5am and working hard on the farm, sometimes naked and handcuffed and being chained to the tool they are working with. Pani Grazhy wakes up almost at noon, takes a shower, has her breakfast and calls slaves for a morning whipping.

brutal cruel whipping by the leather whip

One of leather whips for women

She calls it “sadistic bdsm love”. They arrive immediately, kiss her leather boots and get ready for punishment. In the evening this procedure repeats. As we can see, this girl has a fetish for punishment whips, lashes, riding crops, floggers and spanking paddles, she has hundreds of them. This lady has a barbed wire flogger, a chain flogger to break bones. Does she have a fetish for whipped men?

Why whipping is legal? Women can whip men!

As Grazhinka told on her social profile, she likes to beat slaves with different whips and floggers, so she can use same flogger only after few weeks, as she has so many of them. Mostly this woman whips man on the whipping benches in her torture chamber on the farm. It is full body whipping.

leather mistress whips men

Marks are still on – no time to heal after whipping

Sometimes people can see this woman with a whip on the backyard of her house and slaves suspended upside down. And often those slaves are left overnight being hung upside down after whipping. As we can see on the whipping photos, a slave doesn’t have enough time to heal his brutally whipped ass, as punishment happens daily.

leather domme caning slaves

Caning is painful as cane is harder

Now, when I live in Western country and this brutality seems to be unacceptable for me, I think maybe I should contact Grazhina on “kolegazklasy” network and say to her that she doesn’t suppose to treat her slaves this way? Something needs to be done to uncover this. I hope my blog will help at least someone.

It is not easy to Be a Slave Girl or a Slave Boy here.

If you don’t have access to “kolegazklasy” network, you can find full set of these pictures here.

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