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Flogging Breasts

Thanks for watching my blog. Shocking torture videos are found on the net. Victims (young women) of the Szelzhenka concentration camp are being flogged so severely, so brutally. Breast whipping, soles caning, pussy flogging – this is just a short list of tortures applied. You have never seen such cruelty live. Those flogging scenes are published shamelessly on the net, since no one will be punished for this flogging torture brutality. This is practically legal treating for Eastern Europe post-communism era concentration camps, legacy of nazi.


Don’t ask me to define flogging. What is flogging definition? Meaning of flog? Ask wikipedia. I’m here to tell you the truth about tortures in Eastern Europe where I grew up. Do you think that the only thing today is public woman flogging in some countries on the Far East? No, this is happening in the heart of so called modern Europe. Flogging punishment is normal behind the good-looking face of the ex-Eastern-Block.

Brutal woman tortures

Click here to see all of those shocking videos of female flogging

Be prepared to vomit, as this is the most cruel woman flogging videos made since nazi torturers made their videos in concentration camps.