Tennis player kicks man ballsHi everyone who is reading my bdsm blog. One of nice compliments about Eastern Europe is a good word about their female tennis players. Zdenka Twerkovskic, Zhanna Mizarekova, Bozhena Inic and many others are so attractive – they look like models. Meanwhile, we all know how are they being trained. This is a little example.

It is easy. Beside regular tennis training, Easter European tennis players have a special training that makes from them a winner. A cruel, powerful winner which is crushing everything on the court. But first, they crush everything else. Slaves balls – this is a point of kicking and trampling. CBT torture that later gives them Grand Slams.
Look how these leather girls whip and cane this poor man. They even wear leather gloves when torturing their victim since this brutality can damage their hands. Cruelty, pure savage!!!
Girls in leather gloves caning man