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Tortures at the psychiatric hospital…

no mercy interrogation

There is no law behind the Iron Curtain. In such countries like Yugowassia, Welika Slubna, Krezovitza anyone can be accused with anything and put into psychiatric hospital. No lawyer, no trial. People who is arrested can’t resist, can’t proof anything, because they are “mentally ill” and nobody is listening to their complains.

Below is a real story.

Kiki (real name Katarzyna) was arrested the city Wezhiwitza and brought to the mental hospital in the suburb. She was stripped off, wards put a black straight jacket on her and hang her chained overnight in the big cell.

straight jacket suspension

Girl suspended in straight jacket

They were about to leave till the morning, but Kiki kept screaming asking for mercy and to call her family. One of wards gagged her with a huge black ball gag and she was abandoned until the morning. Of course she couldn’t sleep and it was a pain to be suspended for many hours waiting for explanations.

ball gag straight jacket suspension

Girl gagged and hanging overnight

There was no explanation in the morning. After Kiki spent almost 10 hours suspended in a real straight jacket, the ward came in and started to beat her feet with a wooden stick. It was a heavy torture and Kiki got unconscious very soon.

wooden stick beating

Feet torture

She woke up, because someone got her neck so tight so started choking.  Later, at the concentration camp, she knew that this was the usual way to wake up inmates. Kiki was suspended upside down. Her hands were tied behind her back and her hair were tied to the floor so she couldn’t move. Our girl had no idea how long she was hanging this way.


upside down suspension

choking torture


The ward took off all her cloth and started to torturing breast.

breast torture

Extreme boob torture


This was a nightmare, tits torture lasted hours, along with brutal whipping. Kiki cried, screamed, begged for mercy. It was not an interrogation, no questions were asked. After a while, in the concentration camp barrack, the girl got an idea that it was just a mental experiment at the hospital regarding pain and human reaction. But now she was scared and devastated.


Breast torture

Suspended woman for breast torture


This is a true story of the inmate # 037398 of the Wezhiwitza’s conzentration camp (formerly Kiki – Katarzyna) when she was at the mental facility being kidnapped and gagged for merciless experiments.


mental experiment torture

Girl hanging up side down


The last thing you have to know – this is a NORMAL treat in Eastern Europe. Here you can see more.


My name is Agneshka, I was there and I will tell you more, follow me.


device bondage cruelty

More about Kiki’s tortures here.

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