stewardess wearing riding bootsToday I was going to give you a link to a profile and a blog of Teodozja, a hottest flight attendant from Zhazhkawitch city. A regular stewardess who is working for Moravia Air, wearing that fancy uniform outfit with riding boots. But there is a problem with a link sharing. I know why “kolegazklasy” Eastern European social network, also called “Moravski Facebook” cannot be viewed from Western Europe and US. Those IP addresses are being blocked to hide a real face of ex-communist countries. So I cannot gove you a link, it is useless. I’m still using my old profile, so I can see it, browse and wonder on how those cruel merciless tortures are allowed to be visible in public.

flight attendant wearing riding boots

Naked flight attendant wearing riding boots


Hence, I’ll help you to have a pick on the real life behind the Iron Curtain.

But today is a Xmas week, let’s talk about something nice, not cruel. Do you like those vintage retro flight attendant uniforms where they wore accessories like gloves and hats? All that clothing is a past now, but not really all.

stewardess outfit with riding boots

stewardess uniform outfit with equestrian boots


Today’s post is about Teodozja, a regular flight attendant who is working for a local air company. As you can see, that stewardess uniform has equestrian boots as a standard footwear for legs. Most air companies over there has riding boots (not shoes) as a uniform for flight attendants’ feet.

stewardess as a mistress

stewardess as a mistress in the red dungeon


Other special thing to note: those air companies have all service for rich perverts, so I’ll publish few pictures of the air jet interior which has a room for bdsm games and Teodozja is definitely into it. She strip off her stewardess flight attendant costume and stey naked during the flight with boots on only.

naked flight attendant in equestrian boots

special dungeon for a flight attendant


If a client wants, she takes her equestrian boots off and licks them.

naked woman licking equestrian boots fetish

stewardess took off her uniform and licking her riding boots


In her blog she mentioned that she is a nurse flight attendant. I dunno what is this about, do you?

naked woman in riding boots

naked girl at the office in riding boots