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People are asking me like “well, if women are being kidnapped, raped and tortured in Eastern Europe, so how don’t they extinct there?”. And I found that I put too much attention on female tortures and forgot to mention that rich women have same rights as rich man. If you are rich, you have servants who has no rights, you have sex slaves, you have living toys for your cruel pleasure. And this is no matter if you are man or woman. This is how it looks in details…

Status of leather clothing in Eastern Europe

My friend Boleslawa is attractive and very rich. She always wear the best leather. In Eastern Europe leather fashion shows your status. It is practically illegal to wear leather if you are poor person or in slavery. Boleslawa is rich leather bitch.

mistress wears black leather coat

Naked slave man

Her friend Ivonna is not as rich but definitely not poor and also has slaves. She has her right to wear best leather coat and great black leather gloves. This day one of Boleslawa’s servants was pleaded guilty in poor performance¬† when worked on the backyard. Boleslawa decided to punish him personally. She invited her girl-friend Ivonna to help her and to share fun of torture.



mistress trample her naked slave

black leather boots trampling


How to hogtie the slave?

While Ivonna tied up the slave feet with a rope, Boleslawa trampled him with her black leather boots. Easy bondage is not for those girls. They want him to be hog-tied, which is more severe as a punishment, especially when a slave left in this position for hours.

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Hogtied slave to be tortured


After that Ivonna also had a chance to trample the helpless slave.

trample with boots bondage free pics

Two Dommes are trampling their slave with boots



It was so painful, the slave started to scream. Boleslawa enjoyed his cry for a while, then gagged him with a tape. The tape-gag made him silent.The trampling torture continued.


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gagged and hogtied slave under her boots



Finally they were done with kicking and trampling in 30 minutes.The slave got unconscious and cruel leather Dominas left him hogtied for 3 days in the Boleslawa’s torture chamber.


mistress in leather and hogtied slave

overnight (multiple days) bondage for the slave



Thanks to the Ladies in Leather Gloves website for showing us this up. I love them. Below I’ll put a video from them as a little bonus.

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