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Rebel interrogation.

woman tortured

girl tortured at the camp

Another true female interrogation story to tell you is a horror of a girl tortured in the concentration camp in Dubrawazh (Nothern Moravia). This is a true story and I tell you because someone has to.


In such concentration camps like Dubrawazh, female inmates are being constantly interrogated to find out if they are rebels.

woman tortured

Woman breast torture


Each camp has a number of rebels hiding behind usual inmates. Not everyone is innocent, some are guilty. The main goal of those camps are to find those rebels and execute them. And the only way to do this is total interrogation of inmates to make them confess under tortures.

gagged blindfolded woman

Girl gagged and blindfolded


One of my friends was a medical student and spent a week at Dubrawazh camp as a ward for anatomy practicing. A week of watching of thousand of naked women is the best way for anatomy learning. Many universities in Eastern Europe do this sort of practice for students. My friend told me about this interrogation. First, he decided to blindfold that naked woman in case she will be released later. That wouldn’t be good to meet her somewhere out of camp someday.

gagged tortured girl

Gagged girl prepared for her soles caned



Girl was prepared for interrogation and ready to answer questions. He removed her gag and decided to cane her soles. But the position was not comfortable to run this torture. To have this girl soled caned he had to move her to another torture device.

girl bare feet ready for torture

Bare feet torture


He didn’t tell me much about that part of torture, just mentioned that after brutal soles beating which he called “bastinado falaka torture“, that girl didn’t confess, even screamed loud and begged for mercy.

bastinado torture

falaka feet torture




After soles caned, my friend moved a girl back to the pole and prepared her to another torture. As she tried to byte her interrogator, he had to gag her again. Meanwhile, his supervisor told him that this girl wouldn’t be released from the camp anyway, so blindfold are not needed.

crying woman under tortures

ring mouth gag


After he was assured that this girl will die at the camp, my friend could implement more severe tortures and decided to burn girl’s feet to speed up interrogation. This torture was successful.

woman soles on fire

bare feet tortured with fire


Girl confessed as a rebel, agreed to tell whoever are rebels as well, agreed to sign up all papers with rebels’ names in it. My student friend burned girl’s feet a bit more with scientific point to check how women soles are burned.

woman soles burned torture

bare foot tortured being burned


woman interrogated

head harness with a gag


If you see this girl somewhere, know that she survived brutal tortures at Dubrawazh concentration camp. You can see VIDEO here.

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