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My name is Agneshka, I will tell you the truth about Eastern Europe: sexual slavery, tortures, kid-napping

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Weird importance of leather opera gloves in this culture

Naked girl in leather opera gloves

Something weird to report: leather opera gloves are really important in this culture. Somehow a naked girl might feel better if she doesn’t touch her naked pussy with bare hands. That’s why so many girls shamelessly show their pussies while wearing leather opera gloves. Very weird superstition.

Tessa The Wardress – BDSM fiction

Tessa The Wardress - BDSM fictionThe story is about an activist who goes to the country behind the Iron Curtain to pick up a mysterious manuscript that should help to uncover the truth about human rights violation in that country. She arrives to the city and meets an author of that manuscript, who works at the female concentration camp as a wardress.

Urtication: Punishment with nettle

Nettle punishment - Urtication

Nettle punishment – Urtication

Hi and welcome to my BDSM blog. It is a real beauty in our black-and-white world to see this gorgeous plant: bright green nettle. Too bad that in Eastern Europe it is mostly used to punish people: those black-and-white bitches (black leather and white shirts) wear leather gloves to keep themselves from being burnt and keep victims naked to punish them. They call it urtication: punishment with nettle.

Bdsm dating and fetish marriage – how to?…

BDSM and Fetish dating site

Hi all who is reading my bsdm fetish blog. Thanks for your attention.
Today’s post is about sweet stuff: dating and marriage. To say precisely – about bdsm dating and fetish marriage and vise versa. To say even more precisely – how to date a slave girl from Eastern Europe, how to marry a Mistress from those countries.

Someone would ask: Why do we need someone from abroad to create a bsdm family? And I will answer that below.
Another one would ask: How would I date a slave, how to run leather or latex dating over the ocean? I’ll try to answer that as well. Let’s talk. Read more

Female military uniform at the concentration camp

Hi and welcome to my BDSM blog. It is a simple life for a female officer at the concentration camp in Eastern Europe. Wake up, wear your leather military uniform and have a strapon sex with prisoners. All day long!!! Plus, you are being paid for this, it is your job. This is a military service that many female sadists would die for!