impaling girlI have found a website which was created by rebels in Northern Moravia. They gather all proofs of sadistic tortures and executions, all witnesses’ statements and draw bdsm comics to show the truth to the world. They know how to draw bdsm in 3d and tell people about women being tortured, impaled and executed. In my bdsm blog I’m telling you true story about girls whos names are Czeslawa, Dorota and Ewa whose pussy were punished by their owner. These impaled women live in Grazhanz, a small town in Wrezitski county.

Their owner, named Alojzy is kinda famous in the area where I grew up. He is very rich, most of his money are really dirty, but he has connections in government and even was a member of parliament once. In his town he is a state, a jugde, an interrogator, an executor if necessary.

Girls were (and I think still are) his slaves and this is normal in Northern Moravia as I said before. Women are slaves since they are born and until they die and many of them don’t even know that this is wrong and there are free women out there.

Dorota was a sex slave, Ewa worked on the kitchen, Czeslawa was a supervisor of slaves who worked on the farm next to the Alojzy big house. This position, supervisor, even for a slave girl, gives a lot of power. Czeslawa was allowed to wear nice leather clothing, gloves and boots, she had a whip and could punish slaves on her own decision.

female ward punishes a female inmate

Punishing girl

One day the sex slave Dorota had been caught with stealing and brought to the torture dungeon for an interrogation. She had been put on the vertical pole with spikes around it and spent two days on it, unable to move. She was so exhausted with this torture, so when Alojzy came in to start asking questions, she was already crying and telling him all the truth.

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torture for a girl

She pointed at Ewa, attractive blonde who was a slave helping on the kitchen. Ewa also was delivered to the dungeon to be tortured same way. By that time Alojzy was really busy and didn’t have time to torture girls personally. Instead he just ordered to put girls on the pole and leave them impaled for a couple of days.



girl brought to be tortured pics

interrogation girl


This slave girl was stronger and when confessed under torture, she pointed at Czeslawa who was actually innocent.

As a punishment, they were impaled. The pole was designed the way to be a torture, not execution device. The tip was narrow, but when impaling girl was sliding down, it was getting thicker, so instead of being executed, the tortured woman just hang impaled for as long as she was supposed to be with severe pain in her pussy but with no danger to her life. This punishment is very common in the area where I lived.




women pussy punished pics

three girls impaled


They were supposed to spent three days on the pole impaled, but after one day of punishment, crying Ewa confessed that Czeslawa was innocent. Alojzy let Czeslawa to decide what would be those girls faith after that. Nobody saw those girls after that, but there were rumors that Czeslawa brought both girls to the torture chamber and impaled them to the death. Here you can find the archive of truth about helpless tortured girls in Eastern Europe.




girl impaled pics

woman impaling

Even more tortures down here. Click on the video below to see the proof of brutal interrogations that are still going on daily, when girls are bound, gagged, beaten with rubber sticks, cudgels and batons, floggers and whips.