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A post about two female officers in airport security uniform who interrogated, strip-searched, humiliated and tortured a passenger. Is this possible in your country? It is possible in Eastern Europe, when uniformed female guards get male passenger naked and search him, abuse him, torture him with no shame. I will tell you the truth in my bdsm blog.

Two female officers in uniform are working at the airport


Another pictures from the social network “kolegazklasy“. Two female officers in uniform are working at the airport and shamelessly show us how they do personal strip search of an old naked man. This is not a village where people are abused and tortured. This is strip search in the capital city, where anyone can be affected.



women in uniform documentary

interrogated by female officer



As we can see, for a while, girls in uniform just interrogating their potential victim. Nothing is wrong with questioning. But soon we see how women forced this poor guy to take off his cloth to be searched. Including anal rectal search, when one of female officers penetrate his ass with a hand wearing a latex glove. That’s being called Strip search.



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Anal rectal search by the female officer




Uniformed ladies started tortures


Being not satisfied with their search results, uniformed ladies tie him up naked and started tortures, including suffocation when his mouth is gagged with tape-gag and nose is blocked by officer’s hand.


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hand-over-mouth torture


Girls are yelling at him trying to convince a naked victim to confess. They beat him up with canes, wooden sticks. After all, he is being humiliated and abused, forced to exercise naked with push-ups.


hooded man interrogated by female officer story

uniformed girls interrogating


The reason is simple – none of men would complain after this humiliation. Even if someone complains – Eastern Europe is corrupted – none of these female officers will be punished. That is why they even did facesitting with this helpless victim.


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face sitting girls


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