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Thank you for reading my blog.

Today’s post will be very positive, since I’m in a happy mood after browsing “kolegazklasy” social network. Yes, multiple profiles contain pictures proofing that there are no justice, no human rights in those countries, men and women are being tortured. But on other side, I have found many of my class mates and my cheer leading team mates from “Leather Girls” gang.

Henryka, Estera, Franciszka, I love you girls, I miss you. Believe me, there is no one in Western world who is same stylish in leather, latex and pvc outfits like you. Only in our cities there are girls wearing such boots and vinyl mini skirts.

I see that latex clothing is getting popular. Is that expensive? As far as I know, it comes from abroad, only rich woman can buy latex? Give me your email, I can show you my pics with leather coat I have and opera gloves which I wear with high heel boots and a leather skirt. I miss you my ladies and hope everything is ok for you.
I’ve heard that Edyta is in the concentration camp right now and Dominika, vice versa, is a police officer working as a hangwoman, is that true? Also, people say that Danuta and all her family were sold to be slaves in the village for their mother debt? Is that true that Danutka was raped multiple times as a slave and is pregnant now?


Anyway, I’m so happy to see my girls on the “kolegazklasy”. Thanks everyone, have a look at those gorgeous Slavic ladies in leather, latex and vinyl.

Click pictures if you want to see more of them somewhere on the net.

P.S. If you see a collar on the girl, this means she is a slave girl, but urban slavery is way more acceptable than rural slavery, since it involves less punishment, less tortures and executions, more control from government.

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