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Today we are talking about latex, sort of thin rubber, so popular on the West. All like Lady Gaga’s long red rubber dress, same for Katy Perry’s blue and pink tight latex dress. We can find wedding rubber dresses, maid’s dresses. You can look around and find some black rubber mini skirt on sale. Have you heard rubber pants stories when girls were not able to put them on? Have you seen pictures of rubber pants with separate penis sleeve (or vagina section)? Have you thought to have one of those rubber strait jackets (or straight jackets, is that correct)? And finally, how beautiful is the rubber trench coat when it is rain out there!

Latex never belonged to Eastern European culture. Same as strapon, which came with nazi bitches. Same as shemales who came from South America. Latex was brought from West and became local here. I have heard some Sex Stories and see two reasons for this.

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Slavic girls are beautiful in latex.

You can’t find more beautiful women who wear latex dresses, skirts and corsets and look so pretty. Considering that those amateurs models are very inexpensive to hire, massive wave of fetish photographers goes to Eastern Europe countries for photoshoots, sometimes finding girls via Latex Chat.

Slave girls in use.

This is fact that slavery is still on. Thousands of women are considered as slaves in those countries and rich slave owners are under protection of corrupted governments. You would ask how is this connected to latex? Surprisingly, in many ways.
I know that one of my friends had a young slave woman who must wear latex 24 hours a day and he used her as a “rubber sex doll” literally for sex in latex. Rich women want to have a maid and latex dress is the best for this purpose.

But let’s concentrate on positive things today. Let’s see beautiful amateur models in latex and rubber below. Enjoy and click on this link if you want to see more of them.