impaled woman in the dungeonThanks for my bsdm fetish blog. Kisses to all.

Again and again I see news from Eastern European countries about impaled girls (check here I already mentioned this). Can you imagine that some crazy senator in Moravia even suggested to make impalement an official capital punishment!!!??? As far as I remember, currently those countries (see more cruelty here) which perform capital punishment are using hanging by neck and I will write a post about that as well someday soon. Would you want to see impaled woman somewhere on the square next to the mayor office in your city? Or anally impaled man on your TV? Would you want to watch impalement execution online with no issues? I guess not, because it is against our human nature!!!

impaling a girlWe are not talking about wild times 500 years ago when impaled vagina was a common day-by-day show for people (I wrote about tortures here when it is for fun only). When impaled breasts was a punishment for minor crimes and meaning of impalement was nothing to do with a crime, but with punishment and torture.

Today the most common execution is hanging and every year more and more countries are banning this sort of punishment. Eastern Europe banned it as well, but only on paper. Real life shows the cruelty of those who is impaling women all around those countries, especially in villages.

female officer impaling a girl at the concentration campIt is not only an execution. Impalement is also a torture when interrogators put women and men on the pole under control, so the victim don’t slide down but only damage his or her body inside. Especially cruel are well-known female aufseherin in the Tdantzka concentration camp. Goggle it by “wbic na pal” keyword.

Impalement is also a punishment, when girls are sitting on a pole which shaped as narrow pyramid or a cone for hours or days. They slide down millimeter by millimeter as their anus or vagina is stretching wider and wider. Pain is unbelievable, but female wards are just laughing and sometimes put weights on victim’s cuffed legs to make them slide down faster.

girl impaled as a punishmentAnd very popular punishment for male and female slaves when they are impaled in a spiked pole and unable to move without hurting themselves. When Masters or Mistresses punish slaves this way, poor guys and girls are spending hours and sometime days being impaled. It is not as painful as above tortures, but it is miserable to stand on your toes for hours and days gagged with a spiked impalement pole in your vagina or anus.

More interrogation cruelty below. Click on the video to watch interrogation live from dungeons of Zeremzsky local police office. Girls are beaten with rubber clubs.