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My name is Agneshka, I will tell you the truth about Eastern Europe: sexual slavery, tortures, kid-napping

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Girl is being interrogated

girl under torture

Arrested girl

What would Western arrested girl expect when being arrested? Her rights spoken, her lawyer invited, fair trial processed et cetera. What would Eastern arrested girl expect when police stops her on the street? Merciless cruelty!!!

Preparation for the first interrogation. Some questions. Handcuffed and legcuffed.


prepared for the interrogation

first interrogation

First beating, not brutal but just to remember that she has no rights here. Partially naked to humiliate girl. Blindfolded to make her to feel helpless. Steel collar pulls her neck up to the seal to make her to feel uncomfortable. Usually it takes hours to wait for the first interrogator to come in.

handcuffed girl

Beginning of interrogation

Any arrested girl will get naked. Nude in front of heartless police officers, no matter males or females. Full search including all cavities. Performed like she is an animal.


girl searched

Full search naked

Finally the officer will arrive to start interrogating the girl. She has to answer the truth, otherwise tortures will begin.


interrogated girl

girl questioned

Actually, tortures will begin anyway. It might be the bastinado torture when girl’s soles is being caned.


bastinado torture

First torture - bastinado.



It might be cruel whipping when girl put in irons, gagged and brutally beaten.


tortured naked girl

Whipped girl

Northern Welitskowitza police is famous with their breasts torture when arrested girl is X-tied to poles fully naked, her hair tied and pulled up. Her breasts are squeezed between two steel bars causing severe pain.


girl X-crossed

Breasts torture

When wards and officers need to have a lunch break, the girl usually just being left to have rest. Is it a good rest to be received when waiting for her interrogators like that? Her neck is chained to the box with a heavy metal collar, while her hands and legs are still put in the stocks.


Brutal tied girl

Interrogators are on lunch

This story will be continued… Pull more pictures and even VIDEO here.

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