There is no such thing like a perfect Health Care system in any country and Eastern Europe is not perfect as well. First, it is base on believe that everything can be healed by female urine. If you go to the hospital there, you'll be stripped and put into a chair naked.

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Health Care
system is  
based on
violance andr
when a nurse pees
in your mouth .
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girl in nurse uniform massaging patient's prostate

Then a nurse will search and test you, includidng massive anal insertions and sounds in your penis. Yes, your cock will be sounded and your ass will be plugged with a huge rubber anal plug. Then the therapy will begin. Mostly the nurse will pee in the jar, then take a syginge with her pee and spill it in your mouth. If you disagree, dental gag might be placed there as well. Anyway nurse's urine will be the only treatment the naked patient  receive.

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