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Have you read the recent scandal about a girl called Dorota? She escaped from the concentration camp Razhtowich and was exposed to public as a proof of severe tortures and brutal medical experiments happening in the camp?

I have found this website which collects pictures of anorexia victims who was tortured by hunger and become very skinny. Some media present these bony girls as stupid who tortured themselves with a diet. But it is proven, that many of them are victims of so called forced anorexia while being inmates in Eastern Europe concentration camps.

Anorexic girl Dorota told Western media that she was arrested when she denied to provide oral sex service to the female police officer and spent 2 months in the city jail. Girl had been interrogated, tortured (including electro tortures, severe falaka sole beating, impaling with rubber baton and so on). After she was exhausted with tortures and confessed she is a rebel, the gestapo-style police sent her to the camp for lifetime. At the camp she was ordered to do the heavy lifting work with very little food supply. She slept 2-3 hours a night because of continues rape, humiliation and tortures performed by female camp wards. And this is just one real anorexia story which became public. Here I have found few pictures which looks very familiar for me and seems to be NOT stupid models but victims of forced anorexia.

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Some anorexia girls pictures were done when using inmates as sex slaves.

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Let me know if on this website you recognize any of these girls as proven victims of the concentration camp forced anorexia experiments.

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