kidnapped girlWhatever I say about arrested girls, kidnapped girls and tortures girls in the cities, it is nothing comparing with rural areas and farms in Eastern Europe. There is no law in the city, but at least it is hidden. If you go far from the mainstream – nobody is hiding. Slaves are working on farms, rich perverts are raping girls, helpless victims are screaming on the roadside.

I’m a city person, but being out of city, I have seen such scenes and nobody cares.


kidnapped girl

Roadside woman being impaled

It is normal to be raped for rural girls, as most of them are slave girls, they grew up with no law and as violence victims. They used to be raped and they know that they must obey any order from rich people.Domestic violence is brutal, slavegirls, maids and babysitters are raped and tortured.

raped impaled girl

Impaled babysitter girl

Do you think that “Hostel” is just a fiction movie? No, this is true for Eastern countries. If you pay money – you can torture and rape girls.


woman hanging

Tortures like in a "Hostel" movie



Toilets in farms are ofter made as human toilets. It is an effective punishment when a Mistress pee in the slave’s mouth, it is a torture to tie and use naked slave as a toilet, it is fun to humiliate a girl or a boy this way.


toilet slave

Mistress pissing in the slave's mouth

Just go here to see tortures you have never seen before.





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