Equestrian Mistress wearing riding bootsHi all who is reading my bdsm blog. I mentioned a stewardess who has riding boots as a part of her uniform. One more equestrian mistress from the Eastern European social network “kolegazklasy”. You might not be able to check this network out, since it is blocked by IP address to prevent people from Western Europe to look at it. Hence I’m sharing it with you here.
This girl in riding boots is Lubomyra. You might heard a bit about a big scandal in Livonska area in Morussia, when six young girls were impaled in public – that was Lubomyra’s house in Zhavzhiska village.

I told you how popular black leather riding boots are in Eastern Europe, remember? There are more examples.

Equestrian mistress about to put on her riding boots

Equestrian mistress about to put on her riding boots

There are no so much pictures on the social network about cruelty of this brutal mistress (unlike this woman who is whipping men with no shame and caning men as well), but one thing I’d like to show you, as this is very common torture in those villages.

Equestrian Mistress Iron Horse torture

Girl on a Iron Horse torture

All equestrian women has a saddle hanger like you can see  on the picture above.

The only difference that Lubomyra and other riding mistresses are always using this hanger as a torture device.

Have you heard about wooden horse torture? Wooden pony Japanese torture? So these riding girls are using it with same reason. They just remove the saddle and put their slave girls to sit on the iron bar. Iron horse, hah?

Iron horse torture from riding mistress

Iron horse torture from riding mistress

This torture is so common, that sometimes they even consider this item as a torture device in the store, rather than saddle holder.

Of course, whipping is common as well, when a naked girl is sitting on the iron horse. This is a punishment, this is a torture when girl is being interrogated, this is fun for cruel leather mistress when she likes to torture someone gagged (not even interrogated).

And it seems that Lubomyra is very familiar with this torture and like to sit on it (with a saddle of course) naked to masturbate or even make Homemade BDSM pics hah?. Probably leather saddle likes he pussy and her naked vagina likes to ride a horse. I hope she is fantasying about Angelina Jolie in leather

Equestrian mistress masturbates in riding boots

Naked mistress masturbates in leather boots

Anyway, this was my point – no shame for those equestrian women who torture and interrogate girls with a iron horse. Not mentioning that she executes girls with impalement.

Equestrian mistress in riding boots

Leather mistress in riding boots