Equestrian mistress with a whip wearing black leather riding boots Dear friends, thanks for reading my bdsm and fetish blog where I’m telling you truth stories about sado mazo life behind “Iron Curtain”.
You know what I really miss since I escaped from the East and settled down in Western country? RIDING BOOTS STYLE.

It is not like I cannot have them here. I actually have two pairs. But the style we are using them here, in the free world is different from what we have in Eastern Europe.

Naked equestrian mistress wearing leather riding boots

In those countries this is the most popular footwear. Women, girls, men – all wear long riding boots. Equestrian style is everywhere. Even if you are not into riding horses and don’t have a whip and a horse to ride – still all women wear riding boots.

Black leather riding boots in bondage

First, they are comfortable and cozy. They are made of leather and rubber, light, fit your feet like a glove (sometimes handmade, sometimes by a brand). You can wear them on the street, on your farm or in your bedroom.

Black leather riding boots for a woman in bedroom

Second, they protect your feet. I saw a case when an equestrian mistress was kicking her slave girl. Poor naked female slave was hog-tied and gagged while a blonde riding mistress was trampling and kicking her with her riding boots. She could have a trauma for herself when kicking so hard, but not when she wore a pair of black leather leather riding boots. they protect your feet very well, including during Bdsm Sex or real tortures and punishment.

Equestrian girl wearing black leather boots

Third, they look good no matter how the equestrian girl actually looks.  You don’t have to worry what to wear with riding boots. The only thing you have to know – how to wear riding boots (may be with jodhpurs or even with a dress).

Fourth, they are fancy. All fashion are filled up with english, german, french or spanish riding boots, all models wear them. Black, two tone (black and brown), leather, rubber or pvc, tall or petite. New or vintage – these riding boots are casual on the catwalk in ladies fashion.

Leather riding boots and naked equestrian mistress

Overall, I hope that equestrian leather boots for women and men will become same casual here as they are in Eastern Europe, so I could wear them everywhere as I did in the past.