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Electro tortures at the concentration camp…

Inmate girl for tortures

Slave girl

Wards at concentration camps are sadists, no doubts. They even spend their off time torturing girls. This is an example of this. Donna is a ward at the Szelzhenka concentration camp. During the day she is working at the camp’s facilities wearing her usual black leather uniform. But in the evening she goes to her personal torture chamber to play with one of girls she picked up during the day.

When the officer Donna is ready to play with her victim, she comes to the chamber, where Maria (real name Marizhka) is prepared by wards already, hanging crossed in the middle of the cell, naked, gagged and blindfolded.

Slave girl hanging

Waiting for her Mistress in the torture cell

First of all, Donna prepares her slave girl for play session by torturing Maria by the electroshock device inserting it into girl’s vagina. Maria is screaming through the gag, but this is just the beginning.

Mistress torturing girl with electroshock

Inserting electroshock into vagina

Next step of this cruel play session – hanging upside down girl is being tortured by electroshock. Mistress Donna really likes this and enjoys this extreme bdsm.

Electroshock tortures for the girl

Girl hanging upside down when being tortured

After that, officer Donna starting to warm up the inmate girl with a vibrator while the girl is being hanging upside down. It lasts for centuries and Maria might even like this sexual torture, as orgasms are coming one by one.

upside down girl cumming with a vibrator

Mistress is using a vibrator to warm up her victimi

When Marizhka is ready to kiss her Mistress’ feet for this pleasure, Donna starting her strapon play, this is the most enjoyable sex for her at the female concentration camp. And Maria sucks her Mistress’ strapon with her pleasure.

Strapon mistress

Mistress fucking her slave girl with a strapon

Strapon session begins with the usual vaginal sex until Mistress receives an orgasm.

Ward having sex with her inmate

Donna receives her strapon orgasm



When officer Donna is done with her inmate slave girl, she leaves her at the torture cell in the position where Maria will be sleepless all the night. Poor girl tied up “on-her-four” between bars and can’t touch them to avoid electroshock.

girl left under electrotorture overnight

Maria will spend overnight under this torture

You can click here to see more about officer Donna and inmate Maria

wired pussy




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