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Urtication: Punishment with nettle

Nettle punishment - Urtication

Nettle punishment – Urtication

Hi and welcome to my BDSM blog. It is a real beauty in our black-and-white world to see this gorgeous plant: bright green nettle. Too bad that in Eastern Europe it is mostly used to punish people: those black-and-white bitches (black leather and white shirts) wear leather gloves to keep themselves from being burnt and keep victims naked to punish them. They call it urtication: punishment with nettle.

Female military uniform at the concentration camp

Hi and welcome to my BDSM blog. It is a simple life for a female officer at the concentration camp in Eastern Europe. Wake up, wear your leather military uniform and have a strapon sex with prisoners. All day long!!! Plus, you are being paid for this, it is your job. This is a military service that many female sadists would die for!

Human pets for officers

Hi and welcome to my blog about BDSM. Yes, if you ask, it is legal to have a human pet in Eastern Europe. You can become a toy for a strict female when you were born in slavery or was kidnapped or played at the casino too much. You will get naked and placed into a cage. As simple as that. Good news are that you will be fed. Bad news are that you will be beaten up with a riding crop. And sometimes you will have to lick boots instead of having food. It is not the same, is it? This latex bitch in a visor cap would agree.

Leather office uniforms: Have you ever seen this?

Office girl in leather

Office girl in leather

Hi and welcome to my bdsm blog. Let me ask you a question. A simple one. Have you ever EVER seen a girl wearing this outfit in Western countries? Even close? Any office girl in high-heeled OTK boots? Or a leather catsuit? Or willing to get naked just because she wants to?

In Eastern Europe it is pretty casual to see it on a daily basis. You can see an office assistant who would be fired immediately in US for her look. Leather catsuit at the office? Yes, it is normal, it is not erotic bdsm fiction.

Just so you know how the receptionist in leather looks like.

See more here…

Tessa the Wardress’s prequel is postponed. The sequel is coming

Tessa The Wardress - new novel about the female concentration camp

Tessa The Wardress – new novel about the female concentration camp

Hi and welcome to my bdsm blog. Ivana de la Costa, the author of one of the most popular lesbian books 2013 Tessa The Wardress revealed the title of the second novel that will be published anytime soon and this is not the one we expected. It is not a prequel Tessa The Recruit about lesbian bondage and S/M adventures of one of the main protagonists of the first novel (by the way, is Tessa, the ward of the female concentration camp who tortures and humiliates inmates, a protagonist?), but this is a sequel telling us a story of the second trip of the second protagonists, Ivana herself. Keep in touch on Ivana’s official fan site. The novel that can become one of the best lesbian romance books in 2014 is called HumanTraffic: The Headhunter and this is all we know so far about the plot.

The link to read Tessa The Wardress!!!