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Wet warm bare feet smell like leather – is it a fetish?

Foot fetish from a leather dominatrix

Hi and welcome to my BDSM blog. I don’t understand this foot fetish thing. The brunette is in a milf age, a sadistic SS bitch wearing high-heels and leather gloves. Is it something that you would worship? Her feet probably smell like leather when she takes off her shoes. Wet leather, to be precise. Actually, warm and wet leather, to be precise more. Why someone would worship these feet? kiss them, smell them, masturbate on them… I dunno… If you like his woman, you are probably a pervert liking MILF and leather BDSM, but bare feet with a stale smell of warm wet leather – this is something I don’t understand.

Flesh burning with a cigarette

Flesh burning with a cigarette
Hi and welcome to my BDSM blog. If you are still waiting for a proof of human rights violation in Eastern Europe, here is it. This sadistic bitch is burning human flesh with a cigarette. Not as a part of interrogation, not as a torture, not as anything that would make sense. This leather dominatrix is burning flesh just for fun. The attractive blonde in leather gloves and over-the-knee boots (gorgeous, by the way) is reading a glossy magazine, smoking a cigarette and burning her male slave with it. Can you imagine any bigger proof of inhumanity?

Real tortures at the concentration camp

Real tortures at the concentration camp

Real tortures at the concentration camp

Hi and welcome to my BDSM blog. If you read the book “Tessa The Wardress“, you probably know that Tessa looks exactly like this leather lady on the picture. Is it her? Just wondering, because she is very look-alike. The real wardress from the real concentration camp.

Human pets for officers

Hi and welcome to my blog about BDSM. Yes, if you ask, it is legal to have a human pet in Eastern Europe. You can become a toy for a strict female when you were born in slavery or was kidnapped or played at the casino too much. You will get naked and placed into a cage. As simple as that. Good news are that you will be fed. Bad news are that you will be beaten up with a riding crop. And sometimes you will have to lick boots instead of having food. It is not the same, is it? This latex bitch in a visor cap would agree.

Overnight bondage at the camp

Overnight bondage at the concentration camp

Wardresses don’t sleep. So are you…

Hi and welcome to my blog about BDSM. Another proof of violence and merciless tortures from Eastern Europe. Prisoners are being left overnight in bondage, that’s fine, but even that doesn’t save them from the overnight sift at the concentration camps where wardresses in leather uniform are always want to have their perverted fun. It is warm and comfy when they wear leather coats, boots and gloves. They don’t care about a naked prisoner who is a piece of meat for their riding crops.