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Latex is totally new in Eastern Europe, but rubber (like gas masks or rain boots) is popular.

Human pets for officers

Hi and welcome to my blog about BDSM. Yes, if you ask, it is legal to have a human pet in Eastern Europe. You can become a toy for a strict female when you were born in slavery or was kidnapped or played at the casino too much. You will get naked and placed into a cage. As simple as that. Good news are that you will be fed. Bad news are that you will be beaten up with a riding crop. And sometimes you will have to lick boots instead of having food. It is not the same, is it? This latex bitch in a visor cap would agree.

Gas mask sex: is it only on the East?

Gas mask sex

Gas mask sex

Hi and welcome to my bdsm blog. As we can read in erotic bdsm novels, gas masks are pretty common torture devices in those countries behind a former Iron Curtain. The point is that after USSR collapsed, its former military bases are flooded with gas masks (like this one on the picture: GP-5). And women in power took it as a piece of equipment for tortures, especially when a girl wants to wear latex and have a common genital sex with her well-endowed slave.

Tessa the Wardress’s prequel is postponed. The sequel is coming

Tessa The Wardress - new novel about the female concentration camp

Tessa The Wardress – new novel about the female concentration camp

Hi and welcome to my bdsm blog. Ivana de la Costa, the author of one of the most popular lesbian books 2013 Tessa The Wardress revealed the title of the second novel that will be published anytime soon and this is not the one we expected. It is not a prequel Tessa The Recruit about lesbian bondage and S/M adventures of one of the main protagonists of the first novel (by the way, is Tessa, the ward of the female concentration camp who tortures and humiliates inmates, a protagonist?), but this is a sequel telling us a story of the second trip of the second protagonists, Ivana herself. Keep in touch on Ivana’s official fan site. The novel that can become one of the best lesbian romance books in 2014 is called HumanTraffic: The Headhunter and this is all we know so far about the plot.

The link to read Tessa The Wardress!!!


What Do You Have From The Spearm Bank?

Hi and welcome to my blog about BDSM. Do you know what sperm is in your sperm banks? Have you heard that slavess’ sperm comes from Eastern Europe in massive waves, because it is very cheap and the source is almost unlimited!  They milk slaves! (see how it is happening  here). Women in latex nurse uniforms milk poor men and send their sperm to the West so rich white women can conceive.

ponyboy with his mistress babe

Tessa The Wardress by Ivana de la Costa – Sequel is on Its Way

Tessa The Wardress - new novel about the female concentration camp

Tessa The Wardress – new novel about the female concentration camp

Hi and welcome to my bdsm blog. The novel Tessa The Wardress (which I would call the best erotic novel 2013) is about to have a sequel. As per the author, Ivana de la Costa, it will be called Tessa The Recruit and technically it will be a prequel to the Wardress. No one knows what it will be about, so fans are giving best guesses on the fan site. Of course. we all can guess that this new erotic ebook will be about attractive girls from Eastern Europe in tight leather, right? Now read this erotic bdsm lesbian book on Kobo!

Read Tessa The Wardress!!!