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My name is Agneshka, I will tell you the truth about Eastern Europe: sexual slavery, tortures, kid-napping

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A Goddess? Yes, The Only One

woman in latex dress

Latex Goddess

I worship her. Some women have everything: the look, the shape, the body. Just look in her eyes for a minute or two. Don’t think about anything else, just look in her eyes. And you will know what I mean. This woman should be on the top of the world with 6 billion people serving her.

Whoever disagree, they can be sent to  concentration camps. And the rest will live happily and enjoy serving their Goddess.

How to be a crossdresser in EE

Transexuak med exam by milf nurse

Crossdresser in latex and leather

It is not easy to be a crossdresser in Eastern Europe. You have to be more feminine to dissolve in the female crowd, so the government cannot grab you and send to Gulag correctional camp. This feminine mature crossdresser is here for a med exam and the milf nurse will wear latex gloves and examine the attractive tranny thoroughly. A possible strapon session is to follow.

BDSM selfie: leather and latex

BDSM selfie?

BDSM selfie?

How many of you happily smile while taking a selfie? All and everyone?

In the Eastern Europe it is also a trend. But their social networks are blocked, so no Western Europeans can access it. And those social networks, in particular notorious “kolegazklasy”, are filled with BDSM selfies, as well as leather and latex selfies. If you are rich in those countries and can afford buying a person as a slave, your selfies will be very popular. This selfie above has more than 150K likes. The man on the selfie is unknown and probably we will never know his name. He is suspended upside-down and brutally beaten by these two leather bitches.

Weird importance of leather opera gloves in this culture

Naked girl in leather opera gloves

Something weird to report: leather opera gloves are really important in this culture. Somehow a naked girl might feel better if she doesn’t touch her naked pussy with bare hands. That’s why so many girls shamelessly show their pussies while wearing leather opera gloves. Very weird superstition.

Urtication: Punishment with nettle

Nettle punishment - Urtication

Nettle punishment – Urtication

Hi and welcome to my BDSM blog. It is a real beauty in our black-and-white world to see this gorgeous plant: bright green nettle. Too bad that in Eastern Europe it is mostly used to punish people: those black-and-white bitches (black leather and white shirts) wear leather gloves to keep themselves from being burnt and keep victims naked to punish them. They call it urtication: punishment with nettle.