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My name is Agneshka, I will tell you the truth about Eastern Europe: sexual slavery, tortures, kid-napping

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About me

Hi my name is Agnieszka (yes, if you are native English speaking, you can call me Agneshka), I have escaped from Eastern Europe to the West and it is time to tell you the truth about countries behind the “Iron Curtain”.

Their governments hide the truth to look good for the European Union, these governments hide the truth to look good for voters.

But the truth is´╗┐ that there is no freedom there, no law, no safety. People are being arrested, interrogated, tortured… Kid-napping, slavery, nazi-style concentration camps with thousands of male and female inmates, cruel male and female wards wearing black leather uniform.

Governments are corrupted. If you have money, you can be like a king, if you have connections in government, you are like a God.

I will tell you the truth because someone has to.

My name is Agnieszka, follow me.




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  1. slave anthony says:

    It is so uplifting to see the joy You take in making male creatures like me suffer as we should. slave anthony from Kent UK

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