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Month: July 2015

Bdsm dating and fetish marriage – how to?…

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Hi all who is reading my bsdm fetish blog. Thanks for your attention.
Today’s post is about sweet stuff: dating and marriage. To say precisely – about bdsm dating and fetish marriage and vise versa. To say even more precisely – how to date a slave girl from Eastern Europe, how to marry a Mistress from those countries.

Someone would ask: Why do we need someone from abroad to create a bsdm family? And I will answer that below.
Another one would ask: How would I date a slave, how to run leather or latex dating over the ocean? I’ll try to answer that as well. Let’s talk. Read more

Female military uniform at the concentration camp

Hi and welcome to my BDSM blog. It is a simple life for a female officer at the concentration camp in Eastern Europe. Wake up, wear your leather military uniform and have a strapon sex with prisoners. All day long!!! Plus, you are being paid for this, it is your job. This is a military service that many female sadists would die for!

Cockold husband and his leather dominatrix wife

Hi and welcome to my bdsm blog.While people complain that marriage is unequal in many countries and it is a way to abuse women, in Eastern Europe it is unequal too. This is a husband-wife relationship and it is a pretty common case when husband might spend a night in this sort of leather bondage body bag, while his spoiled leather dominatrix wife is free to go, even cheat on him in his own house. This cockold husband looks happy to be in bondage, doesn’t he?

Smoking as part of a Goddess attitude

Hi and welcome to my BDSM blog. Smoking is a bad and unhealthy habit, we all agree. It is banned and even illegal in some countries. But in Eastern Europe it is encouraged. People smoke everywhere. Moreover, smoking is considered as a mandatory part of the Goddess image, like in this case for this latex dominatrix.