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My name is Agneshka, I will tell you the truth about Eastern Europe: sexual slavery, tortures, kid-napping

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Month: October 2014

Slaves wear chastity devices

Slaves wear chastity devices

Slaves wear chastity devices

Hi and welcome to my bdsm blog. In Eastern Europe slaves and male prisoners wear chastity devices. You can ask what chastity device is? It is a locked metal cage that grabs male’s cock and doesn’t allow him to have sex. Sometimes it is a very small cage, so he cannot have erection either.

Gas mask sex: is it only on the East?

Gas mask sex

Gas mask sex

Hi and welcome to my bdsm blog. As we can read in erotic bdsm novels, gas masks are pretty common torture devices in those countries behind a former Iron Curtain. The point is that after USSR collapsed, its former military bases are flooded with gas masks (like this one on the picture: GP-5). And women in power took it as a piece of equipment for tortures, especially when a girl wants to wear latex and have a common genital sex with her well-endowed slave.

Leather bitch with a strapon: yes, they prefer this kind of sex

White leather strapon bitch and black anal slave

White leather strapon bitch and her anal slave

Hi and welcome to my blog about BDSM. One of my friends who is still living in Eastern Europe asked me once why I don’t tell the truth about rich women there who like to humiliate their servants (is it a jail like it is described in this erotic novel about a female prison?) in front of the camera by having a disgusting anal sex with them. Those strapons are nothing else but a torture device, especially when this leather bitch penetrates the slave with a massive huge strapon dildo.

By the way, I’m wondering how does she manage to keep her leather opera gloves clean while fucking the slave in the ass?

Leather office uniforms: Have you ever seen this?

Office girl in leather

Office girl in leather

Hi and welcome to my bdsm blog. Let me ask you a question. A simple one. Have you ever EVER seen a girl wearing this outfit in Western countries? Even close? Any office girl in high-heeled OTK boots? Or a leather catsuit? Or willing to get naked just because she wants to?

In Eastern Europe it is pretty casual to see it on a daily basis. You can see an office assistant who would be fired immediately in US for her look. Leather catsuit at the office? Yes, it is normal, it is not erotic bdsm fiction.

Just so you know how the receptionist in leather looks like.

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