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Month: October 2013

Tessa The Wardress by Ivana de la Costa – Sequel is on Its Way

Tessa The Wardress - new novel about the female concentration camp

Tessa The Wardress – new novel about the female concentration camp

Hi and welcome to my bdsm blog. The novel Tessa The Wardress (which I would call the best erotic novel 2013) is about to have a sequel. As per the author, Ivana de la Costa, it will be called Tessa The Recruit and technically it will be a prequel to the Wardress. No one knows what it will be about, so fans are giving best guesses on the fan site. Of course. we all can guess that this new erotic ebook will be about attractive girls from Eastern Europe in tight leather, right? Now read this erotic bdsm lesbian book on Kobo!

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Anorexia in Concentration Camps

forced anorexia woman picture

anorexia victim documentary

Hi and welcome to my blog about BDSM. As I mentioned here, hunger is pretty common way to keep people in Eastern Europe under control. Forced anorexia is the way to make sure that anorexic slaves will do everything for a piece of bread. This girl on the right, called Dorota, who exposed this cruelty she has been suffering of at the concentration camp, to the media, is a true hero. She posted her pictures on this website.


What is forced-bi sex?

Hi and welcome to my blog about BDSM. When you see something like this you probably think that this is nearly impossible these days. Not in Eastern Europe. The picture below (see more here) the girl (probably an officer from one of local concentration camps) is having fun with two slaves, forcing them to have sex with each other. This is called a “forced-bi sex” and this is pretty common in Galuria and parts of Swezhkovetska Dola, east of Austrian border. This is what thisĀ wardress is doing when she is off the shift.

forced bi sex with leather slaves

Women are feeding men?…

Hi and welcome to my blog about BDSM. Sometimes people ask how are slaves in Eastern Europe being fed? What food do they eat? Is it s reward or daily benefit? I must say that usually this is a reward. Any slave has to work a lot or suffer a lot to get some food and you can see here how women in leather are caning a naked man and only after hard beating they give him some food. Only to humiliate him more. Look here for more pics. This is the truth about farms, prisons, concentration camps, factories there – everywhere slaves work for miserable food.