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My name is Agneshka, I will tell you the truth about Eastern Europe: sexual slavery, tortures, kid-napping

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Month: September 2013

Private Prisons in Eastern Europe: See The Truth

Hi and welcome to my blog about S&M. Do you remember how many TV reporters blamed Eastern Europe for private prisons? Well, there is no issue with this on the other side of the Iron Curtain. Rich sadistic women have prisons in their basements with prisoners chained to the walls. Wardresses rape them with metal strapons and keep them chained not only by the neck but by the anal plugs as well. No need to mention brutal chastity devices used with metal sounds inserted into prisoners’ cocks. Look  here for more pics.

Hot Tub in Latex Dress! Awesome Idea!

Hi and welcome to my blog about S&M. In Eastern Europe, hot tubs are taken in latex. Not sure why. But I know why it is taken with a masked slave – this is a toy for a latex mistress to play with. I hope that this poor man won’t drown, which is quiet possible, since slave’s life is worthless here comparing to his owner’s pleasure. Have a look here with more pics.