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My name is Agneshka, I will tell you the truth about Eastern Europe: sexual slavery, tortures, kid-napping

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Month: October 2012

Slaves are being trained by kicking their balls

Hi and welcome to my bdsm and fetish blog. Men in Eastern Europe are very strong. Do you know how they reach this strength? Training!!! Look at this mistress training her slave by kicking his balls.

Woman whipping men balls
Yes, literally, those slaves are getting stronger when being trained this way. It is proven that daily balls kicking, stretching, trampling improve slave’s abilities, make them stronger. This lady kicking his balls does a favor to the man whose balls she is kicking.

Leather women whipping and caning men

Hi and welcome to my bdsm and fetish blog. I agree it is important to whip and cane men. Especially for misbehavior. So these two women who is whipping and caning this poor man are definitely has reason to punish him so brutally.

Woman whipping men balls
But, there is always BUT, but in Eastern Europe usually there is no mandatory reason to punish a slave! Honestly, I think that these leather bitches just having fun when whipping and caning a man. They just like to put their leather and vinyl outfits on (corsets, gloves and crotch high boots), crucify the man and start whipping him. Mercilessly.

Masturbate on boots, then lick your sperm!!!

Boots worshipHi and welcome to my bdsm and fetish blog. It is pretty normal to worship boots in Eastern Europe. As a vital part of a Domme Cult, boots belong to this. It is pretty common to masturbate on boots and then lick your own sperm from boots like you would never do with any other masturbation.

Woman whipping men balls
This is almost a religion. Mistresses, those leather bitches, put their boots on and force slaves to worship them. It is a highest point of humiliation – to lick someone’s boots, right? What can be more humiliate? When you lick your own sperm from someone’s boots!!! And this is the way it is done in most Eastern European countries!!! Masturbate on boots, then lick your sperm!