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Month: June 2012

Why are Eastern Europe female tennis players so powerful?

Tennis player kicks man ballsHi everyone who is reading my bdsm blog. One of nice compliments about Eastern Europe is a good word about their female tennis players. Zdenka Twerkovskic, Zhanna Mizarekova, Bozhena Inic and many others are so attractive – they look like models. Meanwhile, we all know how are they being trained. This is a little example. Read more

Female officer in leather at the concentration camp in Moravska

Female officer in leather uniformHi everyone who is reading my blog about bdsm and fetish. More pictures from the Eastern Europe websites. The Moravsky concentration camp is featured with attractive female officers in leather uniform and it freaks me out how shameless they are. Same female officer that we saw in one previous post, same nazy girl SS styleRead more