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My name is Agneshka, I will tell you the truth about Eastern Europe: sexual slavery, tortures, kid-napping

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Month: February 2012

Female police officers wearing uniform interrogating a man

police female officer with a whipHi everyone who is reading my blog where I tell the world the truth about tortures and lack of human rights in Eastern Europe. Today’s post, again, about corrupted police over there.

I have found few more pictures of my ex-college teacher who is working now in local police. Changing from teacher uniform to police uniform didn’t make much change – she is still very strict and cruel. Read more

Equestrian BDSM – is this something any mistress is dreaming for?

Riding Mistress with equestrian boots fetish?OMG, as I mentioned in my bdsm leather fetish blog, riding boots are very popular in Eastern Europe, since it is very comfortable and looks gorgeous. I have got a pair of equestrian boots recently. Expensive but it worth each penny!!! It is not me on this picture LOL, but these boots… Mmm…. Read more

Masked mistress in leather: Christian?

Masked Mistress in leather glovesHi everyone who is reading my bdsm blog! Some people ask me what religion is dominant in Eastern Europe? Haha, funny it is DOMINANT, isn’t? I have to say that it is of course Christian religion, same as in Western Europe, but with a little special accent. Have a look at this leather masked mistress for example. Read more

Why would equestrian mistress torture themselves on an iron horse?

Equestrian Mistress in bondageHi everyone who is reading my blog about sadomasochism and tortures in Eastern Europe. Today’s post is about something I don’t really understand. Why would a rich successful equestrian mistress, woman who whipping men and impale slave girls, why would she go to her own dungeon and order her servant to put her on the iron horse for torture. Why would she ask to torture herself? Read more