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Month: January 2012

Live tortures online – unbelievable cruelty!!!

girl being tortured live online sessionJust look at this – they even don’t hide anymore. On February 04, at 5pm (NewYork time) they will torture live online this poor girl. Do you think she volunteered for this live bdsm show? I don’t think so. May be, slave from the Eastern Europe market? I’ll put some pictures from previous sessions below to let you have a peek on what happening behind the door. This is sick!!! Online live tortures session!!! Read more

Full Leather Mistress

Full leather mistress performs CBTHi everyone, thanks for reading my bdsm and fetish blog. Today I have found some pictures of my college teacher, full leather mistress,Natasha Blakovska. I always knew she has a hidden life, but I had no idea that she is not even hiding this part of her life. Pani Natasha published pictures of her dungeon where she seems to be milking her male slaves with one of her students (a far as I remember, her name is Viktorinka or Vitorzhinka or something like that), let me show you more. Read more

What is an office girl uniform over there? Leather?

Girl is wearing leather at the office as a uniform

Do you know what else I miss here? Office lady leather uniforms!!! I already mentioned that stewardesses wear riding boots as an uniform in Eastern Europe. This is unusual, but this is true. Same for the office girls – they can wear leather from head to toes, it is normal and regular. Some offices force ladies to wear leather, since it attracts customers.  Read more

Strapon Mistress in riding boots and leather corset

strapon mistress wearing riding boots and a leather corsetHi all, thanks for reading my blog about bdsm and fetish. Since I’ve published stories about equestrian mistresses wearing riding boots and holding riding crops, I have some feedback asking for some more blog entries regarding equestrian women in Eastern Europe. I have one – wonderful strapon mistress wearing leather corset and riding boots. Read more

Equestrian Mistress with Iron Horse torture…

Equestrian Mistress wearing riding bootsHi all who is reading my bdsm blog. I mentioned a stewardess who has riding boots as a part of her uniform. One more equestrian mistress from the Eastern European social network “kolegazklasy”. You might not be able to check this network out, since it is blocked by IP address to prevent people from Western Europe to look at it. Hence I’m sharing it with you here.
This girl in riding boots is Lubomyra. You might heard a bit about a big scandal in Livonska area in Morussia, when six young girls were impaled in public – that was Lubomyra’s house in Zhavzhiska village. Read more