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Month: December 2011

Stewardess flight attendant uniform of Moravia Air includes riding boots

stewardess wearing riding bootsToday I was going to give you a link to a profile and a blog of Teodozja, a hottest flight attendant from Zhazhkawitch city. A regular stewardess who is working for Moravia Air, wearing that fancy uniform outfit with riding boots. But there is a problem with a link sharing. Read more

Xmas BDSM shopping for equestrian mistress and not only

woman wearing leather face harnessThanks for reading my bdsm and fetish blog, where I’m telling you the truth about Eastern Europe, how miserable the life over there for poor enslaved people. Today’s post is not about that. Xmas is coming and bdsm shopping is a theme. Besides riding boots (which is definitely a fetish itself), as I told here, a lot of bdsm tools and things are needed for an equestrian mistress and not only… We all know where to buy bdsm and fetish toys and I’ll share with you few bdsm items on a good sale I have found… Read more

Woman is still whipping men

Girl with a caneHi, thank you all for reading my bdsm blog. It is been a while since I told you a story about the farmer from the Fzheshzh, extremely cruel mistress and slave owner, the woman who is whipping her men severely – about Grazhina Nepowalotska.This is a post about that equestrian mistress.

When I published that, it seems someone contacted her with this and Grazhinka wrote an email to me. Short letter, full of grammar errors. She said that if I don’t like the way she treats her slave boys, I should come over and check it out at her place. Read more

Equestrian mistress in riding boots…

Equestrian mistress with a whip wearing black leather riding boots Dear friends, thanks for reading my bdsm and fetish blog where I’m telling you truth stories about sado mazo life behind “Iron Curtain”.
You know what I really miss since I escaped from the East and settled down in Western country? RIDING BOOTS STYLE. Read more