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My name is Agneshka, I will tell you the truth about Eastern Europe: sexual slavery, tortures, kid-napping

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Month: November 2011 (page 2 of 2)

Girls are still being impaled there…

impaled woman in the dungeonThanks for my bsdm fetish blog. Kisses to all.

Again and again I see news from Eastern European countries about impaled girls (check here I already mentioned this). Can you imagine that some crazy senator in Moravia even suggested to make impalement an official capital punishment!!!??? As far as I remember, currently those countries (see more cruelty here) which perform capital punishment are using hanging by neck and I will write a post about that as well someday soon. Would you want to see impaled woman somewhere on the square next to the mayor office in your city? Or anally impaled man on your TV? Would you want to watch impalement execution online with no issues? I guess not, because it is against our human nature!!! Read more

Where to buy bdsm fetish toys?…

where to buy a bit gagHi everyone, thank you for reading my blog about bdsm and fetish.
Today’s post will be about shopping. All girls like shopping, right? Particular one: bdsm and fetish shopping online. Where do we buy bdsm toys online, what bdsm sex shop online we use, where can I buy a whip (a collar, a ball gag et cetera) – this is a topic for today. Read more