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Month: October 2011

Girls in latex and rubber are beautiful…

Thanks for reading my bdsm fetish blog.
Today we are talking about latex, sort of thin rubber, so popular on the West. All like Lady Gaga’s long red rubber dress, same for Katy Perry’s blue and pink tight latex dress. We can find wedding rubber dresses, maid’s dresses. You can look around and find some black rubber mini skirt on sale. Have you heard rubber pants stories when girls were not able to put them on? Have you seen pictures of rubber pants with separate penis sleeve (or vagina section)? Have you thought to have one of those rubber strait jackets (or straight jackets, is that correct)? And finally, how beautiful is the rubber trench coat when it is rain out there! Read more

Girls in leather, latex and vinyl clothing on the city streets

amateur latex models free pictures

My class mates in vinyl

Thank you for reading my blog.

Today’s post will be very positive, since I’m in a happy mood after browsing “kolegazklasy” social network. Yes, multiple profiles contain pictures proofing that there are no justice, no human rights in those countries, men and women are being tortured. But on other side, I have found many of my class mates and my cheer leading team mates from “Leather Girls” gang. Read more