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Month: September 2011

How uniformed female officers do personal strip search at the airport…

Sexy woman in uniform sexy pics

Female officers in uniform

A post about two female officers in airport security uniform who interrogated, strip-searched, humiliated and tortured a passenger. Is this possible in your country? It is possible in Eastern Europe, when uniformed female guards get male passenger naked and search him, abuse him, torture him with no shame. I will tell you the truth in my bdsm blog. Read more

Woman being flogged scenes

breasts flogging images

Flogging Breasts

Thanks for watching my blog. Shocking torture videos are found on the net. Victims (young women) of the Szelzhenka concentration camp are being flogged so severely, so brutally. Breast whipping, soles caning, pussy flogging – this is just a short list of tortures applied. You have never seen such cruelty live. Those flogging scenes are published shamelessly on the net, since no one will be punished for this flogging torture brutality. This is practically legal treating for Eastern Europe post-communism era concentration camps, legacy of nazi. Read more

Wooden horse torture

wooden pony torture picture

Japanese torture

Hi, thank you for reading and watching my blog. Recently I have found the meaning of those devices that I saw installed on backyards of some rich people houses in villages across Moraviyska. They were angle shaped and sharp angle was always pointing upward. When visiting friends from those families, we played around and often tried to ride these things that my friends called as a ”horse”. It was too much pain for me (or anyone) to sit on it, because sharp angle hurt my crotch. I had no idea that the word “horse” was literally the name of this item and that it was actually a torture device which is called “wooden horse” or “wooden pony”… Read more