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My name is Agneshka, I will tell you the truth about Eastern Europe: sexual slavery, tortures, kid-napping

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Month: April 2011

Girl is being interrogated

girl under torture

Arrested girl

What would Western arrested girl expect when being arrested? Her rights spoken, her lawyer invited, fair trial processed et cetera. What would Eastern arrested girl expect when police stops her on the street? Merciless cruelty!!! Read more

Electro tortures at the concentration camp…

Inmate girl for tortures

Slave girl

Wards at concentration camps are sadists, no doubts. They even spend their off time torturing girls. This is an example of this. Donna is a ward at the Szelzhenka concentration camp. During the day she is working at the camp’s facilities wearing her usual black leather uniform. But in the evening she goes to her personal torture chamber to play with one of girls she picked up during the day.

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Extreme tortures in rural areas

kidnapped girlWhatever I say about arrested girls, kidnapped girls and tortures girls in the cities, it is nothing comparing with rural areas and farms in Eastern Europe. There is no law in the city, but at least it is hidden. If you go far from the mainstream – nobody is hiding. Slaves are working on farms, rich perverts are raping girls, helpless victims are screaming on the roadside. Read more

Tortures at the psychiatric hospital…

no mercy interrogation

There is no law behind the Iron Curtain. In such countries like Yugowassia, Welika Slubna, Krezovitza anyone can be accused with anything and put into psychiatric hospital. No lawyer, no trial. People who is arrested can’t resist, can’t proof anything, because they are “mentally ill” and nobody is listening to their complains.

Below is a real story.

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